Wednesday, March 07, 2018

~Like A Woman~

You should be using a purse instead of a wallet. Like a woman.
You should be wearing skirts/dresses. Like a woman.
You should be ladylike. Like a woman.
You should get married. Have children. Like a woman.
You should at least try to be flirty. Like a woman.

These are the common remarks I get from people regardless of gender. There had been worse, made me feel like punching the daylights out of them but didn't.


Not using a purse
Not wearing skirts/dresses
Not being ladylike
Not getting the hang of makeups
Not getting married
Not being flirty


As much as people define women based on appearance, physique and lifestyle, there is more to this than meets the eye.

Happy International Women's Day! =)

Sunday, December 31, 2017

~2017 : It's A Wrap~

I kicked start the year 2017 in Tuaran, Sabah with Kak Rose's lovely family. Brought back so many fond memories from childhood. It was amazing! The year had rolled in perfect and I'd say I pretty much nailed it. 

Travelled a bit here and there : Siem Reap, Bario, Yogyakarta, Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai.
Smile: Siem Reap

Chiang Mai


Hiked Prayer Mountain(Bario), Mount Santubong, Mount Serapi, Mount Jagoi, Bako: Pandan Kecil & Besar, Bengoh Dam.


Prayer Mountain

My fitness journey has well improved and I participated in 10km & 12km runs, as well as 2 obstacle challenge races : Kuching Tribal Warrior & Great Eastern Viper Challenge.

Kuching Tribal Warrior Challenge

HIIT Family

Special shoutout to my brother Jay & my HIIT instructor Adi for being my inspiration and guidance. I, for once see myself from a positive perspective because of you both. Thank you so much. ♡♡♡


Participated in Freemarket Kuching. An event I have always wanted to take part and contribute.

FreeMarket Kuching

Syed Azmi =)
If it wasn't for my buddies and family, I wouldn't have achieved all of the above. Thank you for everything peeps. You guys are amazing. This year has been a blast. Let's see what awaits in year 2018. ;)

Monday, December 11, 2017

Hit The Gym

After a year of hitting the gym, I would like to have a say or two, perhaps more.

*Profanity alert* Chances of being offended is high.*VERY HIGH*


  • Wear suitable clothes which are COMFORTABLE and APPROPRIATE. It does not have to be branded. All it has to be is breathable and comfortable for workouts, especially mobility. Some people tend to wear clothes that covers head to toe with the perception of it aids them to perspire more, hence burning more calories. Wherever the hell they got that myth, its utter bullshit. The amount of sweat does not indicate the amount of calorie burn.
  • Some gyms have separate cubicles for gents and ladies. Some doesn’t. So, if you are sharing the cubicles, please be considerate to others. 
  • Gents, please CLOSE the fucking door. It is there for a reason. And oh, it is totally unnecessary to spray your pee everywhere. Or if you accidentally did, at least fucking clean after that. 
  •  Ladies, throw the toilet paper/sanitary pads in the bins provided. That’s practically common sense. 
  • And to both genders, if you missed the bin while throwing your rubbish, JUST PICK IT UP and THROW INTO THE BIN!!!! Do not just leave it lying on the damned floor. I can’t brain on why some of you people are being fucking retarded and uncivilized.  
Attending Classes
  • If you walk into a class late, SHUT THE FUCK UP and proceed with joining the class. Unnecessary to create havoc with your dumb friends and distract the already ongoing class. 
  •  If you are early for your scheduled class but there is an ongoing class, the least you could do if not join in the class is to SHUT THE FUCK UP. Unnecessary to be a nuisance. It’s called being respectful to others. Stop being a fucking uncivilized barbarian.
  • Be on time for your fitness classes. Otherwise, refer to the two points above.
  • Respect the fitness instructors. Listen to what they have to say and teach instead of being a hooligan in the class. 
Dumbells/barbells and gym equipments 
  • If you are done using the dumbells/plates, rerack after use. By rerack, it means, RETURN & ARRANGE them in place accordingly. Don’t prove yourself an asshole by leaving them on the floor or even placing them as you like. Be considerate. Be civilized.
  • DO NOT SLAM the plates/dumbells/barbells after use. It will wreck the weights and will definitely wreck the gym floor in time.
  •  If you are done with the treadmill/ellipticals/whatever the hell the rest of the equipments are called, fucking wipe your sweat off. Most gyms provide cloth/towel and sanitizers to clean up after use. Use them. If it is not provided, bring your own towel and wipe your goddamned sweat. It’s called simple hygiene practice. 
  • If you are at the gym just to hog the equipments with your selfies and videos, just stay home. Don’t be a fucking waste of space. 
Sound effects
  • I totally respect the amount of effort and shit you put into your workout. That doesn’t mean you can moan and groan as you like, for the whole world to hear. Those moans and groans are pretty disturbing and distracting, especially if you sound like a fucking wild boar.
  •  If you are new to the gym just proceed with what’s right and go on with your workouts.
  • If you are clueless about using any of the equipment, ask the staffs. They should at least have a basic idea of how all the equipment works.
  • Don’t get intimidated at the gym. If at all you caught anyone staring at you, smile or say Hi like a normal human being. 
The wannabes 
  • There could be many wannabe instructors at the gym. They are there just to lure the newbies into their fitness scheme. Choose wisely. The gym usually hires certified instructors. All you have to do is ask the reception.
Some people are fucking serious with their fitness journey and can’t afford to waste their precious time. Be considerate. Don't be a selfish prick. 

Friday, September 01, 2017

Dcupcakes Is In Penang!!

Her Favourite Colour

Being the Si Tanggang that I am, I realized my mom's birthday was just 2 days away. Fucking 2 days!! I placed an order with Dina from DCupcakes and was suggested a bouquet. NO EXCUSES of last minute notice and all that crap. She did a hell of a job with my order. My mum was overjoyed to receive the cake and the bouquet. Especially the bouquet. Job well done. 

I'm putting up this post because this order is very special. Things have not been going well recently. I'm just another Si Tanggang. No surprise there. So, yeah. Seeing mum so excited and smiling ear to ear, being all happy warms my heart. The least I could do on her big day. Credit goes to Dina from Dcupcakes, for always doing the best!

Dina, a home maker, has a passion for baking. And she doesn't only bake cakes but customise cupcakes, brownies and cookies(on occasion). She started from the significant Red Velvet and now offers variety of flavours from chocolate, carrot walnuts, strawberry rainbow, vanilla chocolate chips and many more. The best part of all, Dina also caters special request of bouquet and have them delivered to your doorstep on a minimal charge. 

People in Penang, embrace this news: DCupcakes is now based in Minden Heights, Penang. Whatsapp her for details/enquiry. Customise cakes/cupcakes/ brownies. Discuss your ideas with her and she will give the best designs. I've come up with so many ridiculous ideas for cupcakes and she pulled through it all in perfection. The cakes/cupcakes/brownies are to die for. No joke. Delicious and satisfying. I'll let the pictures speak of her amazing work.

The Love For Tulips

Customised Cupcakes 

A Birthday Cake

The One That Got Away 

Game Over 

The aboves are just a few of the orders that I have made with Dina throughout the years since she has started DCupcakes.

Check her profile out and place your orders Facebook :  @dcupcakesmalaysia
Instagram : dina_dcupcakes 
Whatsapp: 0164875561

Monday, July 31, 2017

I Laughed

~Let Go & Let Live~

You know Facebook has got this Shit Memories To Look Back thingy based on the statuses and photos that you have posted? Right.

So, few weeks back, my status was 'Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah' (Today In History), refering to a major heartbreaking event in the year 2003. When this memory popped up, I smirked and burst out laughing, only to realise that exactly 14 years ago, I updated this status being full swing emotional : heartbroken, depressed and fucking angry with myself. Something so emotional once upon a time had now become what I would consider a laughable matter....

I laughed...
At the emotional turmoils I had faced
For the the nights I have cried myself to sleep, 
Putting every possible blame solely on myself...

I laughed...
At my ability to love another whole heartedly 
But self-loathe to the very core of my cells 
Armoring anger as self defense...

I laughed...
For I once believed in always and forever
But now - it's just 'Let's See How It Goes'
I've learned the hard way
Carrying all that grudge for more than a decade
But all it took was a genuine smile and a hug
To let go and let live...

Life and things we deal with are actually very simple. What complicates it is our emotions, how we react and deal with it. I wouldn't claim that I am great in dealing with my emotions but at least I don't self-loathe anymore. Letting go of that grudge has made me live just a little better.

Let's learn to love ourselves just a little bit more. ♡♡♡ 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

~Journey Of A Thousand Miles~

If You Got It, Just Flaunt It 

Yoga Class

HIIT Gang 

When Rose Indah first suggested to attend Zumba at Angelus Fitness (prior to recommendation from a mutual friend), I didn't think much of it. We both decided to just give it a try. Little did I know, it was a life changing decision.

My very first class was fun. The aura of the class was enough to make you feel the bliss of working out. Of course, being a stiff person, it was abit awkward but man, did I sweat to glory! I enrolled as member, which allows me to use the gym facilities and attend all of the fitness classes.

And today marks the 1st year anniversary. Lame as it sounds, it has been a very personal journey to me. Struggling with my physique for years, I came to a point where I told myself that I will never ever be satisfied even if I was a size zero. Now, I would proudly say, THIS IS WHAT I LIVE FOR. I have learnt that it is never about being slim or thin. It is about being FIT. You can be slim and petite but if your fitness level is zero, that's just shit.

This post is to thank the family of Zumba, HIIT & Yoga of Angelus Fitness for being the guide for my ever improving fitness. You guys are my inspiration. My days are better with you guys. Always. Thank you, for with you guys, I have found my passion, strength and family. ♡♡♡

HIIT Family

Zumba Family

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Because Of You

High In Defense

Because of You 
A seasoned phrase
To place blame
To immortalize the memories
With barricades high in defense
So high it's impenetrable
Claimed destructive

Decades and distances on
Amidst my crazy world 
The phrase brings 
A whole new perspective 
Because of You
I breathe, I live 
Just a little better 
And that made all the differences.. 

~For the things you do and the way you do it, thank you. Wishing you abundance of happiness. ♡♡♡~